Mothers Ruin Software

An Independent Developer of macOS Software

About Us

Mothers Ruin Software is the nom de guerre of one Randy Saldinger, a Seattle-based independent — and completely unpaid — developer of macOS software.

I've been using macOS since 1988 — when it was called System 6. I've been developing for macOS since 2003 — when it was called Mac OS X. I worked on the macOS Engineering team at Apple from Snow Leopard through Mavericks — when it was called OS X.

Since leaving Apple, I've been “temporarily” retired — anything is possible, but don't hold your breath — and continuing to develop for macOS to the extent it entertains me. I don't make money from this endeavor in any way, so have the luxury to do what interests me and ignore the rest.

Contacting Mothers Ruin Software

Queries regarding Mothers Ruin Software or any of its products may be directed to support (at) mothersruin (dot) com.

We post announcements of new versions and other updates to Mastodon, using these app-specific accounts: Feel free to follow these on Mastodon, or subscribe to them using your RSS reader of choice. They are all quite low-traffic.