Release History

The table below summarizes the released versions of Apparency, and what fixes and enhancements were made to each version. You can determine the version you have installed from Apparency > About.

Release History for Apparency
Version Changes
1.1.1 (75) Released on November 6, 2020
  • Updated for general compatibility with macOS 11 (Big Sur) — albeit with some caveats.
  • On Big Sur, when opening a system framework on the new sealed system volume, Apparency finds the executable in the DYLD shared cache so that the Executable Information is still available. Also, Apparency no longer shows a bunch of errors about the now-broken code signature on such system frameworks. See more info here.
  • If a component is signed by a now-revoked certificate, allow Show Code Signature, so one can see the details of the certificate and/or export it for further analysis. (In this situation, codesign(1) does not provide useful certificate details nor allow it to be exported.)
  • Enable a standalone Mach-O binary to be opened even if it lacks an executable bit, at least via drag-and-drop or from another app — like Suspicious Package, which intentionally strips the executable bit from Mach-O binaries in the installer scripts but still ought to be able them in Apparency!
1.1 (66) Released on August 21, 2020
  • Enhancements for opening “universal” apps that support more than one processor architecture, such as an app updated for the new Apple Silicon Macs, or an older one that still has 32-bit support.
    • Added the Executable type to the Info pane: this shows the supported processor architectures. Click on this text to see the underlying symbolic names for the architectures, such as x86_64 or arm64.
    • Enhanced the Executable Information sheet to show the processor architecture, and to allow choosing from among the architectures provided by the app or component.
    • Show the new Apple Silicon processor architecture where supported, in both the info pane and the Executable Information sheet. [This doesn't mean that Apparency itself is a “universal” app: see more info here.]
    • Enhanced code signature handling to examine every supported architecture — there is a distinct signature for each one — and flag any differences between them: see more info here.
    • Added the supported architectures to the Quick Look preview on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and beyond.
  • Added Downloaded details to the Info pane, when available: click to cycle amongst the download date, app and kind.
  • Enhanced Executable Information sheet to show the target platform, which is usually simply macOS but can sometimes be something else, like UIKit for Mac (“Catalyst”).
  • Added option in Preferences > General to show the code signing options in the Info pane.
  • Added Edit > Copy Code Signing Identity (Cmd-Ctrl-C) to copy the designated requirement of the component, such as for pasting into a PCCC profile.
  • Improved handling of components with non-Mach-O executables (such as interpreted scripts).
  • Enhancements in performance and responsiveness, especially when opening large apps.
  • Added an Internet Access Policy to Apparency: this is a mechanism defined by Objective Development, the makers of Little Snitch. If you use Little Snitch, you'll get more useful information about Apparency's network connection attempts — which are for one purpose only: the periodic checking for an updated version of the app.
1.0 (43) Released on June 27, 2020
  • Initial release of Apparency.